Eliminar contacto whatsapp android

Delete all whatsapp contacts

WhatsApp is the most requested text messaging and calling service in the world, it is known in more than 180 countries and has undoubtedly become one of the favorites in the market because it is free and private. Each update integrates improvements that seek the welfare of the user, this preference is reflected in the more than 5,000,000,000 downloads in Play Store.

You must follow one simple steps, first enter the application, then select the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of your screen, then a series of options among which is “Settings” is displayed. After selecting “Settings” different options will be displayed, click on “Account” and then “Privacy”.

Now, the above can be applied more to short text messages, if a long text message is presented but you need to read and you do not want to appear online or writing, you must follow the following indication.

It should be noted that this option complements the previous one, after knowing the content of the message received, you can compose your reply message without the need to be seen typing, when you have it ready you can send it whenever you want.

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Why my contacts appear twice

05 January 2022 The instant messaging application prepares updates, some of them expected among users. They will arrive in the coming months for Android and iOS operating systems.

The instant messaging application WhatsApp kicked off 2022 with the announcement of new features expected by users. Meta is preparing a series of updates that are expected to arrive in the coming months. Find out what they are about.

As with every upgrade, the app’s new features will first appear in beta versions for Android and iOS operating systems. Then, once the testing and bug fixes have been completed, they will be available for the other versions.

Why the same contact appears twice in whatsapp

No application is perfect, and even less so when it has to run on hundreds of different phones and on practically all known mobile operating systems, as is the case with WhatsApp. With more than a billion users, bugs follow one after another. So the application’s development teams work daily to fix them.

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From problems with downloading images and videos to contacts that do not appear in our application, or connection problems. We will show you how to solve the 15 most common ones, although you can use the comments to leave us the ones you don’t find in the list.

In this case the problems can be two: either our data connection fails and interrupts the download before finishing and because of that it starts it again, or we do not have space in memory for WhatsApp to host the downloaded file so, simply, it will not let us even start the download.

If our case is the second one we can try several methods. Move the photos from the phone to the SD card on Android phones that allow using microSD or delete the photos we have on our phone to free up space, for which it is advisable to first make a backup of the photos before deleting them.

How to delete a contact from whatsapp

Illustrative imagePixabay.com / rawpixelIn our age of instant communication via various mobile applications, the problem of privacy emerges. Sometimes, one has to communicate with little-known or absolutely unknown people, for example, when making second-hand sales.Not everyone wants access to their image, as in the case of the profile picture. In this context, the WhatsApp application makes it possible to solve this problem without blocking the other person.

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